United as Cosplay // Rory DiCristofaro


United As Cosplayers is a campaign that strives to enlighten the cosplay community about the negativity that continuously spreads. It serves as a beacon of positivity, serving those who are targets of toxic behavior and those who wish to enter the community. A website is available to those who want to find out what it’s all about. There, users can find stories from other cosplayers, cosplay photos, a blog filled with updates on the campaign, and a link to a podcast. CosTalk Podcast is but one extension of this project where I sit down and talk about various topics that are important within the community and give my own advice to those who need to hear it. Another extension is a small magazine that features talented cosplayers and photography from myself and others. These cosplayers tell me their stories of how they got into the community, any positive or negative experiences they’ve had, and advice they would give to those just starting out. Unlike the website, the magazine serves as something someone can hold onto, refer back to wherever they are, and be reminded that in the end, we are all just a bunch of nerds!