The Break Room // Sarah FitzGerald


The Break Room is housed in a repurposed study room in Sojourner Truth Library on the New Paltz campus. The peaceful, colorful oasis acts as a space for students to take a moment to themselves, and indulge in the offered activities.

The space is lined with pink strip lights; and a projection of sunsets as seen from the NYS thruway illuminates a small disco ball, below which a sign urges guests: “spin me”. A white desk is home to the activities offered to visitors, a notebook and collaborative playlist. The large handbound sketchbook sits atop the desk for guests to make entries inside, including a note on the inner cover which asks visitors to make their own entries or add to others, hoping to elicit indirect collaboration. An Ipad secured in the left drawer allows visitors to listen to a playlist created by past guests, and add their own favorite tracks. Before departing, guests are urged to take one of the laminated passes with them and give it to a friend in need of a break, sharing the secret.