Makeup is Deeper // Paige Clancy


Makeup Is Deeper is an exploration of the use of cosmetics in modern culture. In a society that glorifies beauty that leans on makeup and other external objects, I wanted to get a glimpse into what someone’s personal journey with makeup looks like. Makeup is a broad topic that covers many aspects, but mostly, it is a personal journey. Everyone that wears or doesn’t wear makeup does so for different reasons. I wanted to get an understanding of why people wear or don’t wear it, and what it does for them personally. I have gathered responses from a diverse audience in order to gain a better understanding of how people, in general, feel about makeup. Through these interview based responses, I have developed some assertions in regards to the use of makeup for appearance, confidence, expression, and perception. Ultimately, my goal in completing this project was to prove that makeup is different for everyone, and is really anything the wearer wants it to be. I hope that in reading through the responses I’ve gathered, viewers can relate to each one in a personal way This might change the way they view makeup, whether that change is in a positive or negative light.