DIY My Body // Madison Feldhaus


DIY MY BODY is an inclusive puberty education workbook that was created to battle the insufficient sex education that we currently have in the United States. Currently there is an arbitrary need to re-educate each other about basic bodily functions. I believe that right now puberty education teaches children to be embarrassed and ashamed of their bodies by making them believe that it is “not a nice subject to talk about.” This is a danger to both their mental and physical health. People need to be able to communicate their needs and comfort with their partners and doctors, and kids need to be able to go to their parents if they are worried about or uncomfortable with something that is happening to them. My book was made with the intention that a child going through puberty could learn about the changes happening to both their body and other body types. Besides the “Gender and Sexuality section,” the book contains no pronouns in order to give children of all gender identities a chance to learn how to take care of their current body without the fear of being misgendered. I believe that kids of this age are capable of learning about the changes that happen to all body types, not just their own.