Bearfoot // Emi Takeyama


Bearfoot is an online footwear store that solves the sizing problem. According to the survey, 20 % of footwear purchased online are returned compared to 13% of return rate of in-store shopping because it is hard to find appropriate sized shoes without trying on. Bearfoot makes those customers’ online shopping experience easier and free from stress of worrying about sizing. A new technology, pen scanner, makes it possible to scan customer’s feet at home. First, Bearfoot send a pen scanner to customer, then they measure their feet at home through easy steps. After submitting data to the store through App and returning the scanner, they are ready to enjoy online shopping of footwear without even think about fitting issue. Based on the scanned data, Bearfoot selects appropriate size of any kinds of brand shoes, customizes customers’ own designed shoes with true fit, and creates 3D printed shoes which can be fit only for the person. With this new system, you don’t need to worry about your shoes size anymore.